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useful on your own Web site, ask permission to use the material instead of simply tak-
ing it. All work (Web pages, images, sounds, videos, and so on) is copyrighted—even if
there is no copyright symbol and date on the material.
Be aware that there are times when students and educators can use portions of
another's work and not be in violation of copyright law. This is called fair use . Fair use
is use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, reporting, teaching, scholar-
ship, or research. Criteria used to determine fair use follow:
The use must be educational rather than commercial.
The nature of the work copied should be factual rather than creative.
The amount copied must be as small of a portion of the work as possible.
The copy does not impede the marketability of the original work.
Visit and for some additional
insights on copyright issues.
Some individuals may want to retain ownership of their work but make it easy for oth-
ers to use or adapt it. Creative Commons,, provides a free
service which allows authors and artists to register a type of a copyright license called a
Creative Commons license . There are several licenses to choose from—depending on the
rights you wish to grant as the author. The Creative Commons license informs others
exactly what they can and cannot do with the creative work.
1. List three common Web browser plug-ins and describe their use.
2. Describe issues involved with adding media such as audio or video to a Web page.
3. True or False? Visit the plug-in or player's Web site for the most current information on
the XHTML needed to invoke a plug-in successfully.
11.8 Adobe Flash
Flash is a popular multimedia application often used to create animation and multime-
dia effects on Web pages. The animations can be as simple as the Flash effect shown in
Figure 11.6 (see the student files at Chapter11/flash1.html). Flash can also be used to
play audio files and video files, and to create many more complex effects, including full-
screen animations, banner ads, and interactive site navigation using integrated audio
Figure 11.6
Sample Flash Web
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