HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Focus on Web Design
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers a free online PDF book,
Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines , at
guidelines.html with PDF downloads for each chapter. The topic suggests guidelines
for a variety of topics including navigation, text appearance, scrolling and paging,
writing Web content, usability testing, and accessibility, Choose one chapter topic that
interests you. Read the chapter. Note four guidelines that you find intriguing or useful.
In a one-page report, describe why you chose the chapter topic and the four guidelines
you noted.
Testing Phase
This case study continues throughout the rest of the text. In this chapter you will test
the Web Project case study.
Web Project
See Chapter 5 for an introduction to the Web Project. In this chapter you will develop a
test plan for the project. You will review the documents created in the previous chapters'
Web Project and create a test plan.
Hands-On Practice Case
Part 1: Review the Design Documents and Completed Web pages. Review the
Topic Approval, Site Map, and Page Layout Design documents that you created in the
Chapter 5 Web Project. Review the Web pages you have created and/or modified in the
Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, and Chapter 9 Web Project activities.
Part 2: Prepare a Test Plan. See Figure 10.4 for a sample test plan document (avail-
able in the student files, Chapter10/testplan.pdf). Create a test plan document for your
Web site. Include CSS validation, XHTML validation, and accessibility testing.
Part 3: Test Your Web Site. Implement your test plan and test each page that you
have developed for your Web Project. Record the results. Write a list of suggested
Part 4: Perform Usability Testing. Describe three scenarios that typical visitors to
your site may encounter. Using Hands-On Exercise 6 as a guide, conduct a usability test
for these scenarios. Write a one-page report about your findings. What improvements
can be suggested for the Web site?
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