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Table 10.1
Web host checklist
( continued )
Most Web hosts will back up your files regularly. Check to see
how often the backups are made and if they are accessible to
you. Be sure to make your own site backups as well.
No backups
Site Statistics
❏ Raw log file
❏ Log reports
❏ No log access
The Web server log contains useful information about your visi-
tors, how they find your site, and what pages they visit. Check to
see if the log is available to you. Some Web hosts provide reports
about the log. See Chapter 13 for more information on Web
server logs.
Domain Name
❏ Required to register
with host
❏ OK to register on
your own
Some Web hosts offer a package that includes registering your
domain name. It is better if you register your domain name your-
self (see or and
retain control of your domain name account.
❏ _____ Set up fee
❏ _____ per month
Price is last in this list for a reason. Do not choose a Web host
based on price alone—the old adage “you get what you pay for”
is definitely true here. It is not unusual to pay a one-time set-up
fee and then a periodic fee—either monthly, quarterly, or annually.
1. Describe the type of Web host that would meet the needs of a small company for its
initial Web presence.
2. Describe the difference between a dedicated Web server and a co-located Web server.
3. Explain why price is not the most important consideration when choosing a Web host.
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