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Your client—whether another company or another department in your organization—
needs to review and approve the test Web site before the files are published to the live
site. Sometimes this approval takes place at a face-to-face meeting. Other times, the test
URL is given to the client and the client e-mails approval or requested changes.
Once the test Web site has been approved, it is published to your live production Web
site (this is called a launch ). If you think you are finished—think again! It is crucial to
test all site components after publishing to make sure the site functions properly in its
new environment. Marketing and promotion activities for the Web site (see Chapter 13)
usually take place at this time.
A Web site is never finished. There are always errors or omissions that were overlooked
during the development process. Clients usually find many new uses for a Web site once
they have one and request modifications, additions, and new sections (this is called site
maintenance ). So at this point, the project team identifies the new opportunity or
enhancement and begins another loop through the development process.
Other types of updates needed are relatively small—perhaps a link is broken, a word is
misspelled, or a graphic needs to be changed. These small changes are usually made as
soon as they are noticed. The question of who makes the changes and who approves them
is often a matter of company policy. If you are a freelance Web developer, the situation is
more straightforward—you will make the changes and your client will approve them.
Remember the goals set for the Web site in the Conceptualization phase? During
evaluation it's time to review them and determine if your Web site meets them. If not,
consider how you can enhance the site, and begin another loop through the develop-
ment process.
1. Describe the role of the project manager.
2. Explain why many different roles are needed on a large-scale Web project.
3. List three different techniques used to test a Web site. Describe each technique in one
or two sentences.
10.3 Domain Name Overview
A crucial part of establishing an effective Web presence is choosing a domain name; it
serves to locate your Web site on the Internet. If your business or organization is brand-
new, then it's often convenient to select a domain name while you are deciding on a
company name. If your organization is well established, you should choose a domain
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