HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
XHTML Basics
Chapter Objectives
In this chapter, you will learn about ...
The development of HTML
The transition from HTML to XHTML
XHTML syntax, elements, and document type
The anatomy of a Web page
Formatting the body of a Web page
Formatting the text on a Web page
Physical and logical style elements
Special characters
Using the anchor element to link from page to
Creating absolute, relative, and e-mail links
This chapter introduces Hypertext Markup Language
(HTML), the language used to create Web pages, and eXtensible Hypertext
Markup Language (XHTML), the most recent standardized version of HTML.
The chapter begins with an introduction to the syntax of XHTML, continues
with the anatomy of a Web page, and introduces block-level and inline format-
ting and demonstrates hyperlinks as sample pages are created. You will learn
more if you work along with the sample pages in the text. Coding XHTML is
a skill and every skill improves with practice.
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