HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Web Site
Chapter Objectives
In this chapter, you will learn how to ...
Describe the skills, functions, and job roles
needed for a successful Web project
Utilize the stages in the standard System
Development Life Cycle
Identify other common system development
Apply the System Development Life Cycle to
Web development projects
Identify opportunities and determine goals
during the Conceptualization phase
Determine information topics and site
requirements during the Analysis phase
Create the site map, page layout, prototype, and
documentation as part of the Design phase
Complete the Web pages and associated files
during the Production phase
Verify the functionality of the Web site and use a
test plan during the Testing phase
Obtain client approval and launch a Web site
Modify and enhance the Web site during the
Maintenance phase
Compare the goals of the Web site to the results
as part of the Evaluation phase
Find the right Web host provider for your Web site
Choose a domain name for your web site
This chapter discusses the skills needed for successful
large-scale project development and introduces you to common Web develop-
ment methods. It is important to realize that each project is unique; each has
its own needs and requirements. Choosing the right people to work on a Web
project team can make it or break it.
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