HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
A radio button group with at least three choices
A check box group with at least three choices
A select box that initially shows three items but contains at least four items
A submit button
A reset button
Use a table to organize your form. Place your e-mail address at the bottom of the
page. ( Hint : Draw a sketch of your form and the table before you begin coding
the XHTML.) Hand in printouts of both the source code (print in Notepad) and
the browser display of your page to your instructor.
Web Research
1. This chapter mentioned a number of sources of free remotely hosted scripts, includ-
and Visit two of these sites or use a search engine to find other
resources for free remotely hosted scripts. Register (if necessary) and examine the
Web site to see exactly what is offered. Most sites that provide remotely hosted
scripts have a demo you can view or try. If you have time (or your instructor asks
you to) follow the directions and access a remotely hosted script from one of your
Web pages. Now that you've at least been through a demo of the product or tried it
yourself (even better!), it's time to write your review.
Create a Web page that lists the two resource sites you chose and provides a com-
parison of what they offer. Use a table to list the following:
Ease of registration
Number of scripts or services offered
Type of scripts or services offered
Site banner or advertisement
Ease of use
Your recommendation
Provide links to the resource sites you reviewed and place your name in the e-mail
address at the bottom of the page. Print the source code (from Notepad) and the
browser view of your Web page.
2. Search the Web for a Web page that uses an XHTML form. Print the browser view
of the page. Print out the source code of the Web page. Using the printout, high-
light or circle the tags related to forms. On a separate sheet of paper, create some
XHTML notes by listing the tags and attributes related to forms found on your
sample page along with a brief description of their purpose. Hand in the browser
view of the page, source code printout, and your XHTML notes page to your
3. Choose one server-side technology mentioned in this chapter: PHP, ASP, JSP, Ruby
on Rails, or ASP.Net. Use the resources listed in the chapter as a starting point, but
also search the Web for additional resources on the server-side technology you have
chosen. Create a Web page that lists at least five useful resources along with infor-
mation about each that provides the name of the site, the URL, a brief description
of what is offered and a recommended page (such as a tutorial, free script, and so on).
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