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Server-Side Processing Resources
Sources of Free Remote-Hosted Form Processing. If your Web host provider does
not support server-side processing, free remotely hosted scripts may be an option. The
script is not hosted on your server so you don't need to worry about installing it or
whether your Web host provider will support it. The disadvantage is that there usually
is some advertising displayed. The following are a few sites that offer this service:
Sources of Free Server-Side Scripts. To use free scripts you need to have access to
a Web server that supports the language used by the script. Contact your Web host
provider to determine what is supported. Be aware that many free Web host providers
do not support server-side processing (you get what you pay for!). The following are a
few sites that offer free scripts and other resources:
Exploring Server-Side Processing Technologies
Many types of technologies can be used for server-side scripting, form processing, and
information sharing:
JavaServer Pages (
Active Server Pages ( and search for “Active Server
ColdFusion (
Ruby on Rails (,
Microsoft's .NET Framework (
Web Services (,, and
Any of these technologies would be a good choice for future study. Web developers
often learn the client-side first (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), and then progress to
learning a server-side scripting or programming language.
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