HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Web Research
1. The World Wide Web Consortium creates standards for the Web. Visit its site at and then answer the following questions:
a. How did the W3C get started?
b. Who can join the W3C? What does it cost to join?
c. The W3C home page lists a number of technologies. Choose one that interests
you, click its link, and read the associated pages. List three facts or issues you
2. The Internet Society takes an active leadership role in issues related to the Internet.
Visit its site at and answer the following questions:
a. Why was the Internet Society created?
b. Determine the local chapter closest to you. Visit its Web site. List the Web site
URL and an activity or service that the chapter provides.
c. How can you join the Internet Society? What does it cost to join? Would you
recommend that a beginning Web developer join the Internet Society? Why or
why not?
3. The World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) is a professional association dedi-
cated to the support of individuals and organizations that create and manage Web
sites. Visit its site at and answer the following questions:
a. How can you join WOW? What does it cost to join?
b. List one of the events that WOW participates in. Would you like to attend this
event? Why or why not?
c. List three ways that WOW can help you in your future career as a Web
Focus on Web Design
1. Visit a Web site referenced in this chapter that interests you. Print the home page or
one other pertinent page from the site. Write a one-page summary and your reac-
tion to the site. Address the following topics:
a. What is the purpose of the site?
b. Who is the intended audience?
c. Do you think that the site reaches its intended audience? Why or why not?
d. Is the site useful to you? Why or why not?
e. List one interesting fact or issue that this site addresses.
f. Would you encourage others to visit this site?
g. How could this site be improved?
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