HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
< legend> tags, increase the readability and usability of the Web form for all visitors. Be
sure to include contact information (e-mail address and/or phone number) just in case a
visitor is unable to submit your form successfully and requires additional assistance.
In this Hands-On Practice you will modify the contact form (contact.html) you worked
with in Hands-On Practice 9.2 to use the fieldset , legend , and label elements (see
Figure 9.19).
Focus on Accessibility
Launch Notepad and open the contact.html page that you created in Hands-On Practice
9.2. Perform the following edits:
1. Add an opening <fieldset> tag after the opening <form> tag.
2. Immediately after the opening <fieldset> tag code <legend> tags containing
the following text: Customer Information.
3. Add a <label> element for each of the Customer Name, Customer E-mail,
Customer Phone, and Customer Comments form elements.
4. Choose an appropriate location to code the closing <fieldset> tag.
Figure 9.19
This contact form
uses the fieldset ,
legend , and label
elements to provide
for accessibility
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