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The XHTML code follows:
Select your favorite browser:<br />
<input type="radio" name="favbrowser" id="favIE"
value="IE" /> Internet Explorer<br />
<input type="radio" name="favbrowser" id="favFirefox"
value="Firefox" /> Firefox<br />
<input type="radio" name="favbrowser" id="favOpera"
value="Opera" /> Opera<br />
Notice that the name attributes all have the same value— favbrowser . This is what creates
the group. Each radio button in the same group can be uniquely identified by its value
attribute . Each radio button in the same group is configured with a different value.
Common radio button attributes are listed in Table 9.5.
Table 9.5 Common radio button attributes
Configures the radio button.
Alphanumeric, no spaces,
begins with a letter
Required. All radio buttons in a group must have the same name. This
attribute also names the form element so that it can be easily accessed
by client-side scripting languages or by server-side processing.
Alphanumeric, no spaces,
begins with a letter
Provides a unique identifier for the form element.
Configures the radio button to be selected by default when displayed
by the browser.
Text or numeric characters
Assigns a value to the radio button that is triggered when the radio
button is selected. This should be a unique value for each radio but-
ton in a group. This value can be accessed by client-side and by
server-side processing.
Scrolling Text Box. The <textarea> tag configures a scrolling text box. A scrolling
text box is used for accepting free-form comments, questions, or descriptions. A sample
scrolling text box is shown in Figure 9.9.
Figure 9.9
Scrolling text boxes
accept free-form
comments from
Web page visitors
The XHTML code follows:
Comments:<br />
<textarea name="ordercomments" id="ordercomments" cols="40"
rows="2">Enter your comments here</textarea>
Notice that the <textarea> tag is a container tag. The text that you place between
the opening <textarea> and closing </textarea> will be initially displayed in the
scrolling text box.
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