HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 8.33
Services page with
Hands-On Practice Case
1. Configure the CSS. Modify the external style sheet, fishcreek.css. Review Figure
8.33 and note the services descriptions, which are coded in an XHTML table.
Add style rules to the fishcreek.css external style sheet as indicated:
a. Configure a table that has a solid, dark blue, 2 pixel border.
b. Configure the borders in the table to collapse.
c. Configure td and th selectors with 10 pixels of padding and a solid, dark
blue, 1 pixel border.
Save the fishcreek.css file.
2. Modify the Services Page. Edit the Services file (services.html) in Notepad. The
services descriptions are configured with an unordered list. Replace the unordered
list with a table that has five rows and two columns. Use <th> and <td> elements
where appropriate. Hint : Assign the <th> element to the category class.
Save your page and test it in a browser.
If the page does not display as you intended, review your work, validate the CSS, vali-
date the XHTML, modify as needed, and test again.
Pasha the Painter
See Chapter 2 for an introduction to the Pasha the Painter Case Study. Figure 2.34 shows
a site map for Pasha the Painter. The pages were created in earlier chapters. You will use
the existing Web site in the paintercss folder (unless your instructor specifies otherwise).
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