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Is there a way to create a “table-like” page layout with CSS?
Yes; if you'd like to explore using CSS to style table-like layouts on Web pages, check out
the CSS display property. As you may recall from Chapter 6, the CSS display property config-
ures if and how an element is displayed. You've already worked with display:none ,
display:block , and display:inline . Internet Explorer 8 was the last major browser to
add support for the display:table property values. Rachel Andrew's article, Everything
You Know About CSS Is Wrong , at
about_CSS_Is_wrong, encourages developers to embrace the display:table coding
methods. Be aware that this technique is still quite limited. For example, there is no built-in
mechanism to emulate the rowspan or colspan attribute in XHTML tables. However, this is
in the works with the CSS3 draft recommendation at
current-work, which includes new CSS specifications for working with multicolumn layouts
and grid positioning.
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