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<th id="school" >School Attended</th>
<th id="years" >Years</th>
<th id="subject" >Subject</th>
<th id="degree" >Degree Awarded</th>
<td headers="school" >Schaumburg High School</td>
<td headers="years" >2005 - 2009</td>
<td headers="subject" >College Prep</td>
<td headers="degree" >H.S. Diploma</td>
<td headers="school" >Harper College</td>
<td headers="years" >2009 - 2010</td>
<td headers="subject" >Internet &amp; Web Development</td>
<td headers="degree" >Web Developer Certificate</td>
What about the scope attribute?
The scope attribute specifies the association of table cells and table row or column headers. It
is used to indicate whether a table cell is a header for a column ( scope="col" ) or row
( scope="row" ). An example of the code for the table in Figure 8.18 that uses this attribute is
shown below.
<table border="1" width="75%" summary="This table lists educational
background. Each row describes educational experience at a specific
school. Columns contain school attended, years, subject, and degree
<th scope="col">School Attended</th>
<th scope="col">Years</th>
<th scope="col">Subject</th>
<th scope="col">Degree Awarded</th>
<td>Schaumburg High School</td>
<td>2005 - 2009</td>
<td>College Prep</td>
<td>H.S. Diploma</td>
<td>Harper College</td>
<td>2009 - 2010</td>
<td>Internet &amp; Web Development</td>
<td>Web Developer Certificate</td>
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