HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 8.4
The caption for this
table is Birthday List
The XHTML for the table follows:
<table border="1">
<caption> Birthday List </caption>
Notice how the <caption> element was placed after the beginning <table> tag but
before the first <tr> tag.
You will work with a new version of the Trillium Web site. Create a new folder called
trilliumch8 and copy the files index.html, services.html, trillium.css, trilliumbanner.jpg,
and trilliumbullet.gif files from the student files Chapter8/starters folder.
Launch a text editor and open the services.html page from your trilliumch8 folder. You
will modify the services page to look similar to the display shown in Figure 8.5. Locate
the <h2> element. Create a table under this element with four rows and two columns.
Configure the first cell in each row as a table heading. Use Figure 8.5 as a guide and
type text in the table cells. Save your page and test it in a browser. A solution is located
in the student files Chapter8/8.1 folder.
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