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In-Depth Information
1. Describe the difference between the Internet and an intranet.
2. Explain three events that contributed to the commercialization and exponential growth
of the Internet.
3. Describe the difference between the Internet and the Web.
1.5 Network Overview
A network consists of two or more computers connected for the purpose of communi-
cating and sharing resources. Common components of a network are shown in Figure
1.1 and include the following:
Server computer(s)
Client workstation computer(s)
Shared devices such as printers
Networking devices (router and switch) and the media that connect them
Figure 1.1
components of a
The clients are the computer workstations used by individuals, such as a PC on a desk.
The server receives requests from client computers for resources such as files. Computers
used as servers are usually kept in a protected, secure area and are only accessed by net-
work administrators. Networking devices such as hubs and switches provide network
connections for computers, and routers direct information from one network to another.
The media connecting the clients, servers, peripherals, and networking devices may con-
sist of copper cables, fiber optic cables, or wireless technologies.
Networks vary in scale. A Local Area Network (LAN) is usually confined to a single
building or group of connected buildings. Your school computer lab may use a LAN. If
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