HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 6.18
The image is floating
on the page
Go to the end of the
book for a full color
version of this figure
Getting Started
Locate the wildflowers folder you created in the previous Hands-On Practice.
Part 1—Code the Content Page
Review Figure 6.18 and notice the page elements: the logo, navigation area, floating
right image, page content, and page footer. Figure 6.19 shows a wireframe sketch of
these elements on the page.
Figure 6.19
Note how the
elements are
arranged on the
In this part of the Hands-On Practice, you will code each element in an XHTML docu-
ment. These will be coded to use ids and classes that correspond to CSS, which con-
figures a number of properties including the margin , padding , border , font-family ,
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