HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 6.2
home page
displayed in
Netscape 4.79, an
outdated browser
it is coded in the Web page. Because the site configures most of its graphics as back-
ground images within the external CSS style sheet, these graphics are unavailable to the
older browser. The visitor experience is not exactly compelling when using an out-of-
date browser. However, the site can still be navigated and information can be obtained.
Figure 6.3 shows the same page displayed using the Firefox LynxView extension to sim-
ulate a text browser. The text content is displayed in the order it is coded in the Web
page. Notice how even with the newer CSS page layout techniques utilized, the page is
usable when rendered in a text browser.
Figure 6.3
A text browser
simulation of's
home page
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