HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
This chapter introduced recommended Web site design practices. The choices you make in the use of color,
graphics, and text should be based on your particular target audience. Developing an accessible Web site
should be the goal of every Web developer.
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chapter, and updated information.
Key Terms
above the fold
antialiased text
breadcrumb trails
hierarchical organization
horizontal scrolling
ice design
jello design
linear organization
liquid design
load time
navigation bar
page layout
perceived load time
random organization
screen resolution
site map
site search
table of contents
target audience
WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative)
WCAG 2.0 (Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines 2.0)
white space
Review Questions
Multiple Choice
1. Which of the following would a consistent Web
site design not have?
a. a similar navigation area on each content page
b. the same fonts on each content page
c. a different background color on each page
d. the same logo in the same location on each
content page
4. Which are the four principles of the Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines?
a. contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity
b. perceivable, operable, understandable, robust
c. accessible, readable, maintainable, reliable
d. hierarchical, linear, random, sequential
5. Which of the following is a sketch or blueprint of
a Web page that shows the structure (but not the
detailed design) of basic page elements?
a. drawing
b. HTML code
c. site map
d. wireframe
2. Which of the following are the three most com-
mon methods of organizing Web sites?
a. horizontal, vertical, and diagonal
b. hierarchical, linear, and random
c. accessible, readable, maintainable
d. none of the above
3. Which of the following is not a Web design
recommended practice?
a. design your site to be easy to navigate
b. colorful pages appeal to everyone
c. design your pages to load quickly
d. limit the use of animated items
6. Which of the following are influenced by the
intended or target audience of a site?
a. the amount of color used on the site
b. the font size and styles used on the site
c. the overall look and feel for the site
d. all of the above
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