HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
1. View the home page of your school. Use the Best Practices Checklist (Table 5.1) to
evaluate the page. Describe the results.
2. List three best practices of writing text for the Web. The following text was found on a
real Web site. The company name and city have been changed. Use the hints in the
text design best practices described earlier in the chapter to rewrite the following
content for the Web:
“Acme, Inc. is a new laboratory instrument repair and service company. Our staff
at this time has a combined total of 30 plus years of specimen preparation
instrumentation service and repair.
Our technicians are EPA refrigeration certified. We are fully insured and all of our
workers are fully covered by workman's compensation insurance. A proof of
insurance certificate can be provided upon request.
We are located in Chicago, Illinois. Which houses shop repair facilities and offices.
Acme, Inc. technicians are factory trained and equipped with the best diagnostic
and repair equipment available.
We keep a separate file on every piece of equipment we work on. When a
technician is sent on a repair, he has a file which lists the whole repair history on
that piece of equipment. These files also help us answer any of your questions
about past repairs.
Our rates are $100.00 per hour for Labor and Travel with a 2 hour minimum.
$0.40 per mile and all related expenses PARTS are not included.”
3. List three best practices of using graphics on Web pages. View the home page of your
school. Describe the use of graphic design best practices on this page.
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