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Figure 5.25
An adequate page
Figures 5.25, 5.26, and 5.27 show diagrams of three possible Web page layouts. Note
that the exact content (text, images, logo, and navigation) does not need to be placed in
the diagram in order to illustrate this concept. The page area where the content will
appear is indicated. This type of sketch, called a wireframe, can be used to experiment
with page structures and find the one that will work best for a site. Figure 5.25 shows a
diagram of a Web page with a logo, navigation area, content area, and a footer area.
Figure 5.26
The columns make
this page layout
more interesting
This layout is adequate and may be appropriate for some content, but it's not very
interesting. Figure 5.26 shows a diagram of a Web page containing about the same con-
tent, but formatted in three-columns.
This is an improvement, but something is still missing. Figure 5.27 shows a diagram of the
same content but formatted in three columns of varying widths, with graphics interspersed.
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