HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5.16
Flash navigation
Figure 5.17
The City of Fresno
.gov) Web site uses
DHTML to create
dynamic navigation
Short Pages
A Web page is considered long if it is three or more screen lengths. Long pages are
usually slow to load. Your visitors are probably only interested in portions of a long
page, so consider breaking a long page into multiple short pages—possibly using linear
organization to link the ideas.
Table of Contents
When a long Web page must be kept as a single file, a table of contents or bulleted list
at the top of the page can provide links to specific parts of the page. This will help visi-
tors find exactly what they need. An example of this is the page shown in Figure 5.18.
Note the list of questions—they all link to corresponding answers at another location
on the same page.
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