HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5.12
Visitors can follow the “breadcrumbs” to retrace their steps through the site
Figure 5.13
Vertical text-based navigation is used at
The display of the Current Vacancies link shown on a contrasting background color,
provides a visual cue that the visitor is at that location. The page header and page title
also display the text “Current Vacancies.” The navigation bar indicates other choices
available to the Web site visitor.
Sometimes graphics are used to convey navigation, as in the Web site for the
Department of Transportation (, as shown in Figure 5.14.
The “text” for the navigation is actually stored in image files. This technique of placing
text in navigation images is used to create interactive Web pages. In this case, JavaScript
is used to detect when the Web page visitor has placed the mouse over an image of text,
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