HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
4. Why should you include height and width attrib-
utes on an <img /> tag?
a. They are required attributes and must always
be included.
b. They help the browser render the page faster
because it reserves the appropriate space for
the image.
c. They help the browser display the image in its
own window.
d. none of the above
9. Which of the following configures empty space
between the content of the XHTML element
(usually text) and the border?
a. vspace property
b. padding property
c. margin property
d. none of the above
10. Which of the following configures a graphic to
repeat vertically down the side of a Web page?
a. hspace="10"
b. background-repeat:repeat;
c. valign="left"
d. background-repeat: repeat-y;
5. Which attribute specifies text that is available to
browsers and other user agents that do not sup-
port graphics?
a. alt
b. text
c. src
d. none of the above
Fill in the Blank
11. A background image will automatically be
repeated, or __________________, by a Web
6. What is the term used to describe a square icon
that is associated with a Web page and is
displayed in the browser address bar or tab?
a. background
b. bookmark icon
c. favicon
d. logo
12. If your Web page uses graphic links, include
__________________ at the bottom of the page to
increase accessibility.
13. A __________________ image is a smaller version
of a larger image that usually links to the larger
14. One method to obtain graphics for your Web site
is to __________________.
7. Which of the following graphic types is best
suited to photographs?
a. GIF
b. photo
c. BMP
d. none of the above
15. A(n) __________________ is an image that can be
used as one or more hyperlinks.
8. Which of the following graphic types can be
made transparent?
a. GIF
b. JPG
c. BMP
d. photo
Apply Your Knowledge
1. Predict the Result. Draw and write a brief description of the Web page that will be
created with the following XHTML code:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns="" lang="en" xml:lang="en">
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