HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Visual Elements
and Graphics
Chapter Objectives
In this chapter, you will learn how to ...
Create and format lines and borders on Web
Decide when to use graphics and what graphics
are appropriate
Apply the image element to add graphics to
Web pages
Configure images as backgrounds on Web
Configure images as hyperlinks
Find free and fee-based graphics sources
Follow recommended Web design guidelines
when using graphics on Web pages
A key component of a compelling Web site is the use of
interesting and appropriate graphics. This chapter introduces you to working
with visual elements on Web pages.
When you include images on your Web site, it is important to remember that
not all Web users are able to view them. Some users may have vision problems
and need assistive technology such as a screen reader application that reads the
Web page to them. In addition, search engines send out spiders and robots to
walk the Web and catalog pages for their indexes and databases; such pro-
grams do not access your images. As a Web developer, you should create pages
that are enhanced by graphical elements but that are usable without them.
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