HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Configure the page footer area. Replace th e <p> elements wit h <div> ele-
ments. Assign this <div> to the id named footer . Remove th e <small> an d
<em> elements because th e font-size an d font-style are configured as
part of th e footer id .
Save the index.html file and test in a browser. Your page should look similar to
the one shown in Figure 3.28.
3. The Financing Page. Launch Notepad and open the financing.html file. You will
modify this file in a similar manner—add the <link /> element, configure the
logo area, configure the navigation area, and configure the page footer area. Save
and test your new financing.html page. It should look similar to the one shown in
Figure 3.29.
Figure 3.29
New financing.html
Experiment with modifying the prime.css file. Change the page background color, the
font family, and so on. Test your pages in a browser. Notice how a change in a single
file can affect multiple files when external style sheets are used.
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