HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
4. Centered Page Layout with CSS. Modify fishcreek.css, index.html, and
services.html to configure page content that is centered with width set to 80%.
Refer to Hands-On Practice 3.8 if necessary. Save your file and retest your pages.
The index.html and services.html pages should closely match the samples shown
in Figures 3.24 and 3.25.
Experiment with modifying the fishcreek.css file. Change the page background color,
the font family, font color, and so on. Test your pages in a browser. Notice that multiple
pages display differently because they link to the single file (fishcreek.css) that config-
ures their formatting.
Pasha the Painter
See Chapter 2 for an introduction to the Pasha the Painter Case Study. Figure 2.34 shows
a site map for the Pasha the Painter Web site. The Home page and Services page were
created in Chapter 2. You will use the existing Web site as a start while you create a new
version of this Web site that uses an external style sheet to configure text and color.
You have the following tasks:
1. Create an external style sheet named painter.css that configures the color and text
for the Pasha the Painter Web site.
2. Modify the Home page to utilize an external style sheet to configure colors and
fonts. The new Home page and color swatches are shown in Figure 3.26 (shown
also in the color insert section).
Figure 3.26
New Pasha the
Painter index.html
Go to the end of the
book for a full color
version of this figure
3. Modify the Services page to be consistent with the new Home page.
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