HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
You have the following tasks:
a. Design a color scheme. List three hexadecimal color values (in addition to white
( #FFFFFF ) or black ( #000000 ) in your design.
b. Describe the process you went through as you selected the colors. Describe why
you chose these colors. What type of Web site would they be appropriate for?
List the URLs of any resources you used.
c. Create an external CSS file name color1.css that configures font properties, text
color, and background color selections for the document, h1 selector, p selector,
and footer class using the colors you have chosen.
d. Create a Web page named color1.html that shows examples of the CSS style
Open your files in Notepad and print the source code for color1.css and color1.html.
Display your page in a browser; print the page. Hand in all printouts to your instructor.
Implementing CSS
Each of the following case studies continues throughout most of the text. This chapter
implements CSS in the Web sites.
JavaJam Coffee House
See Chapter 2 for an introduction to the JavaJam Coffee House Case Study. Figure 2.26
shows a site map for the JavaJam Web site. The Home page and Menu page were cre-
ated in Chapter 2. You will use the existing Web site as a start while you create a new
version that uses an external style sheet to configure text and color.
You have the following tasks:
1. Create an external style sheet named javajam.css that configures the color and
text for the JavaJam Web site.
2. Modify the Home page to utilize an external style sheet to configure colors and
fonts. The new Home page and color swatches are shown in Figure 3.22 (also
shown in the color insert section).
3. Modify the Menu page to be consistent with the new Home page.
4. Configure centered page layout.
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