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All these notifications are on by default; turn them off in the Settings app's No-
tification Center pane if you don't care for them. And you'll also see any notifications for mes-
sages you've received in Notification Center.
Reading or replying to a message: Tap the Messages icon on your Home screen, or swipe
downward from the top of the screen to display the Notification Center, or tap the notification
if you can be quick about it (it fades away in a few seconds).
Following the conversation: Each conversation you have is saved as a series of text bubbles.
Your messages appear on the right side of the screen in blue bubbles; the other person's mes-
sages appear on the left in gray ones, as shown in Figure 5-16 . When your message has been
delivered, that fact will be noted just below the last bubble in your exchange, as you'll also
see in Figure 5-16 . If there was a problem delivering the message, you will see Not Delivered
instead. If at first you don't succeed, try again.
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