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The glutKeyboardFunc and glutKeyboardUpFunc functions are called when
FreeGLUT detects that a keyboard key has been pressed down or up, respectively.
These functions only work for keyboard characters that can be represented by
a char data type ( glutSpecialFunc and glutSpecialUpFunc handle other
Some applications and game engines may only call the input function once the key is
pressed down, and only sends another signal when the key is released, but nothing
in-between. Meanwhile, others may buffer the inputs allowing you to poll it at later
times to check the current state of any key or input control, while others may provide
a combination of both methods allowing you to choose which method works best for
By default, FreeGLUT calls this function repeatedly while a key is held down,
but this behavior can be toggled globally with the glutSetKeyRepeat() and
glutIgnoreKeyRepeat() commands.
The glutSpecialFunc and glutSpecialUpFunc functions are similar to the pre-
vious keyboard commands, but called for special keys such as Home , Insert , the ar-
row keys, and so on.
The glutMouseFunc function is called when mouse button input is detected. This
applies to both button up and button down events, which can be distinguished from
the state parameter it sends.
The glutMotionFunc and glutPassiveMotionFunc functions are called when
mouse movement is detected. The glutMotionFunc() function is used when any
mouse button is currently held down, while the glutPassiveMotionFunc() func-
tion is used when no mouse buttons are pressed.
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