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In this chapter, we have taken an introductory look at soft body physics, and several
helper functions that can provide more advanced functionality if needed. There is
much more that can be done with these interesting objects, and there are even more
features that the Bullet library offers us, but regrettably we must begin wrapping up
the topic and leaving behind some closing thoughts.
All that's left is to say is farewell and good luck with your future game development
projects. There's always more to learn and understand about game development,
which makes it a very tough field to work in and keep pace with. But, for many of us,
we wouldn't want it any other way, because if it was easy it would be boring!
We hope that you've learned a great deal about the fundamentals of game physics
and graphics with this topic, and have the drive to continue learning everything you
need to bring your awesome game ideas to life!
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