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5 Briar Street Theatre
The kid-pleasing Blue M an G roup, at
Briar Street Theatre in Lincoln Park, mixes
percussion, per formance ar t, mime, and
rock 'n' roll. The three strangely endearing
performers, whose faces and heads ar e
covered in latex and blue paint, know how
to get the audience involved. I dare you to
find a kid who doesn 't get a kick out of
seeing the Blue Men stuff their faces (liter-
ally) with marshmallo ws. Of all the long-
running hits in Chicago, this is the one to
beat—and the best kid-pleaser in to
Family P laylab, wher e kids can dr ess up
like a local animal and star in their o wn
nature play , explor e a pueblo home, or
examine insects in amber . The I nside
Ancient E gypt exhibit is mor e than just
mummies: I t's a complete r e-creation of
ancient daily life, including a marketplace,
a r oyal barge, and r eligious shrines (with
lots of hands-on activities for kids). The
second-floor African and S outh P acific
exhibits are also worth a stop, with beauti-
fully designed interactive displays that feel
like movie sets. See p. 162.
See p. 259.
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