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customized trip planning; Family Travel
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features, deals, and tips; and Family Travel
Files (www,
which has an online magazine and a direc-
tory of off-the-beaten-path tours and tour
operators for families.
Navy Pier and the Museum of Contempo-
rary Art; River North, with lots of chain
establishments, including ESPN Z one,
Hard R ock Cafe, R ock 'n' R oll M cDon-
ald's, The Rainforest Café, and Ed Debev-
ic's; Lincoln Park, with the park, zoo, and
botanical gar dens; Museum C ampus,
with four museums within walking dis-
tance of each other; and Hyde Park, home
to the Museum of Science and Industry.
Planning a day of touring a city with kids
is a little like mapping out a military cam-
paign: You should hav e a list of sights to
hit, and a precise idea of how you will get
from one activity to the next, leaving time
in betw een for potty br eaks and snack
stops. If you plan car efully and center all
your days' activities in close proximity, you
can sav e y ourself a lot of wasted transit
Prime ar eas for families include the
Magnificent M ile, with the J ohn H an-
cock Center , American G irl P lace, The
Apple S tore, N iketown, and other shop-
ping destinations; Streeterville, home of
The number-one tip for visitors from Chi-
cago par ents: Kno w wher e the near est
restroom is at all times! First order of busi-
ness: Always use the bathr oom at y our
hotel befor e y ou leav e, and stop in the
restroom before you leave any museum or
restaurant. Failing that, key r estrooms in
prime locations include 900 N. Michigan
Avenue mall, on the second and fifth
floors; John H ancock Center , in the
lower level; Water Tower Place; and Nor-
dstrom, in the Shops at North Bridge mall
on M ichigan A venue, just south of the
Chicago Riv er. M ost Starbucks coffee
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