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In-Flight Fun for Kids
With one of these childr en's game topics onboar d, ev en the longest plane
ride will go fast er.
Great Games for Kids on the Go: O ver 240 Travel Games to Play on T rains,
Planes, and Automobiles
by Penny Warner
Retail price: $12.95
Ages 4 to 8
This topic is full of ent ertaining educational games t o help your kids while
away the miles . Each game is highly engag ing and ent ertaining and r equires
few materials and v ery little spac e.
Brain Quest for the Car: 1,100 Questions and Answers All About America
by Sharon Gold
Retail price: $10.95
Ages 7 to 12
This topic features cards with questions about American geography, culture,
and customs.
Vacation Fun Mad Libs: World's Greatest Party Game
by Roger Price
Retail price: $3.99
Ages 8 and up
As suggested by the title, this topic is chock -full of M ad Libs. Your kids will
want to keep playing even after you've touched down.
distraction, and small coloring topics
and crayons also wor k well, as do car d
games like Go Fish.
Visit the librar y before you leave home
and check out childr en's topics about
flying or airplane trav el. G eography-
related topics and coloring topics that
include their departure point and desti-
nation will also help engage them dur-
ing air travel.
A Walkman with a fe w favorite record-
ings will also come in handy—especially
if you throw in some sleepy-time tunes.
By all means, don't leave home without
a fav orite blanket or stuffed animal—
especially if it's your kid's best friend at
• S ome airlines serve childr en's meals
first. When y ou boar d, ask a flight
attendant if this is possible, especially if
your children are very young or seated
toward the back of the plane. After all,
if your kids hav e a happy flight experi-
ence, everyone else in the cabin is more
likely to as well.
• You'll certainly be grateful to yourself for
packing tidy snacks like r olled dried
fruit, which are much less sticky and wet
and mor e compact and packable than
actual fr uit. B lueberry or raisin bagels
also make for a neat, healthy sw eet and
yield fe wer cr umbs than cookies or
cakes. G inger snaps, crisp and not as
crumbly as softer cookies, will also help
curb mild cases of motion sickness. And
don't forget to stash a fe w r esealable
plastic bags in y our purse. They'll prove
invaluable for storing ev erything fr om
half-eaten crackers and fr uit to checker
pieces and Matchbox cars.
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