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Air Travel Security Measures
In the wake of the t errorist attacks of S eptember 11, 2001, the airline indus-
try implemented sweeping security measures in airports. Although regulations
vary from airline t o airline, you can expedit e the check -in process and allevi-
ate airport stress by taking the f ollowing steps:
Arrive early. Times var y from airpor t to airpor t, depending on their siz e.
Figure on arriving f or check -in an ywhere fr om a minimum of an hour in
advance to at least 2 hours bef ore your scheduled flight.
Don't c ount on curbside check-in. S ome airlines and airpor ts ha ve
stopped curbside check -in altogether, whereas others off er it on a limit ed
basis. For up-to-date information, check with the individual airline .
Be sure to carr y plenty of documen tation. An up -to-date, government-
issued photo ID (f ederal, state, or local) is no w required. You may need t o
show this at various check points. With an e -ticket, you may be required to
have with y ou print ed c onfirmation of pur chase, and perhaps ev en the
credit card with which y ou bought y our ticket. This varies fr om airline t o
airline, so call ahead t o make sur e you have the pr oper documentation.
Know what you can carry on—and what you can't. Travelers in the United
States are now limited to one carr y-on bag, plus one personal bag (such
as a purse or a brief case). The Transportation S ecurity A dministration
(TSA) has also issued a list of banned carr y-on items; for more information,
check the TSA w ebsite at w Your airline ma y ha ve additional
restrictions on carr y-on items, so call ahead t o avoid problems.
Prepare to be sear ched. Expec t spot- checks. Elec tronic it ems (such as a
laptop or c ellphone) should be r eadied f or additional scr eening. Be pr e-
pared to place your jewelry, loose change, and any other metallic it ems on
your person in bins bef ore you go thr ough security.
It's no jok e. I f an yone asks y ou securit y-related questions , don 't be flip .
The agents will not hesitat e to call securit y.
You can find the latest information on
both airpor ts at the city 's D epartment of
Aviation website: .
one of the hotels (check with the bell cap-
tain). The cost is $21 one-way ($39 round-
trip) to or from O'Hare and $16 one-way
($30 round-trip) to or from Midway. The
shuttles operate fr om 6am to 11:30pm.
For limo ser vice fr om either O'H are or
Midway, call Carey Limousine of Chi-
cago ( & 773/769-0009; www .ecarey.
com) or Chicago Limousine S ervices
( & 312/726-1035 ). D epending on the
number of passengers and whether y ou
opt for a sedan or a str etch limo, the ser-
vice will cost about $100 to $150, includ-
ing gratuity and tax.
Airport Transfers
Continental Airpor t E xpress ( & 800/
654-7871 or 312/454-7800; www.airport ser ves most first-class hotels
in Chicago with its blue-and-white Air-
port E xpress v ans; ticket counters ar e
located at both airpor ts near the baggage
claim (outside C ustoms at the interna-
tional terminal at O'H are). For transpor-
tation to the airpor t, r eserve a spot fr om
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