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This parade is flamboyant and colorful,
the culmination of a month of activities
by Chicago's gay and lesbian commu-
nity. The floats, mar ching units, and
colorful characters will keep y ou enter-
tained, so pick a spot on B roadway for
the best view. Last Sunday in June.
Farmers mar kets open at two doz en
sites all o ver the city at the end of the
month and continue w eekly thr ough
October. D owntown sites ar e D aley
Plaza (ev ery other Thurs) and F ederal
Plaza (ev ery Tues). For other locations
and times, call & 312/744-3315.
Independence D
Chicago Yacht Club's Race to Macki-
nac I sland ( & 312/861-7777; www . Kids who lo ve
boats will get a kick out of watching the
start of this 3-day competition. A t
Monroe Street Harbor, boats set sail on
Saturday for the grandest of the inland
water races. Mid-July.
Chicago S ummerDance, east side of
South Michigan Avenue between Balbo
and H arrison str eets ( & 312/742-
4007 ). F rom J uly to early S eptember,
the city's Department of Cultural Affairs
transforms a patch of Grant Park into a
lighted outdoor dance venue on Thurs-
day, F riday, and S aturday fr om 6 to
9:30pm, and S unday fr om 4 to 7pm;
ethnic dance lessons for kids are offered
Saturday fr om 4 to 5pm. The 3,500-
square-foot dance floor pr ovides ample
room for thr owing do wn mo ves while
live bands play music—fr om ballroom,
jazz, klezmer, and countr y and w estern
to samba, zydeco, blues, and soul. One-
hour lessons are offered from 6 to 7pm.
Free admission.
Taste of Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln Park,
between Fullerton Avenue and Welling-
ton S treet ( & 773/868-3010; www . This is one
of the largest and most popular of Chi-
cago's many neighborhood str eet fairs;
it features 50 bands per forming music
on fiv e stages. N eighborhood r estau-
rants staff the food stands, and ther e's
also a kids ' carnival. Third weekend in
Venetian Night, from Monroe Harbor
to the Adler Planetarium ( & 312/744-
3315 ). Whimsical decorations on a
carnival of illuminated boats make this
a great kids' event. Fireworks and syn-
chronized music b y the G rant P ark
Symphony O rchestra complete the
ay Celebration
( & 312/744-3315 ). Celebrated in
Chicago on J uly 3, concer ts and fir e-
works are the highlights of the festivities
in G rant P ark. The sight of fir eworks
exploding o ver and r eflecting off of
Lake M ichigan is w ell wor th braving
the crowd. Take public transpor tation,
or walk.
Irish-American H eritage F estival,
Irish-American H eritage Center , 4626
N. Kno x A ve., at M ontrose A venue
( & 773/282-7035 ). I f y our kids ar e
into I rish dancing, made famous b y
Riverdance, make sure to check out this
festival, featuring I rish music, dance,
food, readings, and children's entertain-
ment. Second weekend in July.
Sheffield G arden Walk, star ting
at S heffield and Webster av enues
( & 773/929-WALK [929-9255]; www. One of Chicago's
largest street parties, the S heffield Gar-
den Walk sounds a bit mor e r efined
than it actually is—but her e's y our
chance to snoop into the lush backyards
of Lincoln Park homeowners. There are
also live bands, children's activities, and
food and drink v endors on tap . M id-
scene. Watch from the shor eline, or, if
you can swing it, get onboard a friend's
boat. Last Saturday in July.
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