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avoid the noise of Damen Ave.). This place is not a tourist hot spot, so enjoy the people-
watching—most customers are neighborhood folks. While Silver Cloud attracts a mix of
families, couples, and gr oups of friends during the day and early-ev ening hours, it
becomes more of a cocktail lounge at night. You might try the Sunday brunch, which is
especially popular.
1700 N. Damen A ve. (at Wabansia St.). & 773/489-6212. w H ighchairs,
boosters. Reservations accepted. Main courses $6-$10 lunch, $10-$16 dinner. AE, DC, MC, V. Mon-Thurs
11:30am-11pm; Fri 11:30am-midnight; Sat-Sun 10am-midnight. Subway/El: Blue Line to Damen.
Pizza-loving and hot dog-inhaling kids hav e it made in Chicago: We've turned them
from fast food into ar t forms. O f course, Chicagoans hav e their o wn take on these all-
American staples, so to have an authentic taste of Chicago, shun the thin-crust pizza and
the ketchup as condiment of choice for hot dogs. Try them our way , and I guarantee
you'll understand why Chicagoans are passionate about their dogs and pizza.
To the uninitiated: Chicago-style pizza, also kno wn as deep-dish, is thick-cr usted and
often demands a knife and fork. The thin-crust variety favored in New York is also widely
available; a thir d type, called stuffed, is similar to a pie, with a cr ust on both top and
bottom. Many pizzerias serve both thick and thin, and some make all thr ee kinds.
Three of Chicago's best gourmet deep-dish r estaurants are Pizzeria Uno (p. 138), Piz-
zeria Due (p. 138), and Gino's East (p. 136). In River North Lou Malnati's Pizzeria ,
at 439 N. Wells St. ( & 312/828-9800 ), bakes both deep-dish and thin-cr ust pizza and
even has a lo w-fat cheese option. Edwardo's is a local pizza chain that ser ves all thr ee
varieties, but with a wheat crust and all-natural ingredients. (Try the tasty spinach pizza,
the specialty here.) It has several Chicago locations, including one in the G old Coast, at
1212 N. Dearborn St., at Division Street ( & 312/337-4490 ); one in the South Loop, at
521 S. Dearborn St. ( & 312/939-3366 ); and one in Lincoln P ark, at 2662 N. H alsted
St. ( & 773/871-3400 ). Very near to the Lincoln Park Zoo is Ranalli and Ryan's, 1925
N. Lincoln A ve. (btw. Wisconsin St. and Armitage A ve.; & 312/642-4700 ), with its
terrific open-air patio and an extensiv e selection of beers.
In Wrigleyville, just off Belmont Avenue, are Leona's Pizzeria, 3215 N. Sheffield Ave.
(btw. Belmont Ave. and School S t.; & 773/327-8861 ), which ser ves all thr ee kinds of
pizza. Leona's also has a location in Little I taly, at 1419 W. Taylor St. (btw. Bishop and
Loomis sts.; & 312/850-2222 ).
For a unique take on the deep-dish phenomenon, tr y the “pizza potpie” at Chicago
Pizza & Oven Grinder, 2121 N. Clark St., steps from Lincoln Park Zoo (btw. Webster
and Dickens aves.; & 773/248-2570 ). The pizzas are baked in a bo wl and then turned
over when ser ved, for a distinctiv e upside-do wn pizza experience. This neighborhood
spot stays popular y ear after y ear, so plan on sho wing up early for dinner to av oid a
Chicagoans like to think that they stand head and skewers above the rest of the world when
it comes to hot dogs. The facades of Chicago 's hot dog stands, as if b y some unwrit ten
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