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DAY 10
I woke before the alarm went off. I reached for my glow-in-the dark-clock and read the
time, 4:05. In the coal-black night I got out of bed, felt the wall, found the bathroom and
switched on the light.
I left Juanita's at 4:30 a.m., early for the bus. I crossed the plaza and walked to the church.
The night was cold and crisp, and faint stars salted the black sky. The deep canyon walls
obscured the moon and allowed me to see only a slice of the night sky.
Two shadows approached the church; Carmen and Einar joined me. Arturo, Heidi and Am-
ber showed up a little later. Arturo had risen early and came to say good-bye.
It was a three-hour ride to Junction. Instead of the canyon vista that we saw on the way in,
bus headlights now lighted a steep dirt road. We were all quiet. I rocked and swayed with
movement of the bus until I slumbered. I woke a little muddled. We were in snow! The road
was pure white and framed with pine trees. All the lower branches were covered in white
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