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Tour #2: Highlight Piedra Volador
Wednesday I met Einar and Carmen for the tour that took us to Divisadero, Piedra Volador,
Piedra Fertilidad and Elephant Rock.
The rock formations were impressive, but the canyon, with its sheer vertical drops,
weakened my knees. The highlight was the Piedra Volador (Flying Stone), which is actually
a large stone that wobbles when someone walks on it. The granite stone was the size of a
farm tractor tire. It was perched at the end of a rock abutment jutting out into the canyon,
which was about twenty feet wide then narrowed as you walked towards the cliff. The
Balancing Rock was egg-shaped stone and rested on top of a flat rock.
Our driver, Salvador, walked out on the jutting abutment, hopped on the egg-shaped stone
and then shifted his weight. The stone rocked back and forth. It was a Flying Stone. We
were invited to follow his example, but we declined. That pleased Salvador as he felt pride
in his courage.
Salvador drove us back to Divisadero where one of the first Copper Canyon hotels was
built. We shopped and ate lunch. Today had been a great tour, although it was a heart stopper
for me.
I walked back to my hotel. A building was painted with murals depicting the Tarahumara.
One mural caught my attention. It was plain, just a woman, wearing a white blouse. She
was seated, with her hands resting on her red polka-dotted skirt, a headband around her hair.
Her thoughts were written on the wall:
Cuando me muera
No me hagan un ataud
Ni se pongan a llorarme.
Tírenme en un agujero
Y tápenme después.
Ya muertos no somos
Más que basura.
Ahora que estoy viva
Quiéranme bien.
When I die
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