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Creel: Eco-tourist's Delight
I spent the morning trying to catch up on email. When you're in Creel, the connection is
slow, and the computer surely set the world record for “Error Page.”
I checked out the tours. All sounded like they would take the visitor to an eco-tourist para-
dise. They added a visit to the Tarahumaras, who call themselves the Raramuri (Light Feet).
They are respected for long-distance running and have been known to stalk and chase deer
to the point of the animal's exhaustion. Most Tarahumara are nomadic, often living in nat-
ural cave shelters. Religious beliefs are a syncretic melding of Catholic Christianity with
indigenous customs. One could join a tour group or go alone with a map: bike, motorbike,
rent-a-car or hike. The tourist center offered free maps for the hiker, camper and overnight-
er. I wondered if Leonardo Lopez Carrillo protected the popular hiking route from Creel to
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