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On the plane home I grabbed a window seat, buckled in, felt and heard the swoosh of the
airplane's acceleration. Peering out of the window I watched the flat Yucatan grow small as
the plane lifted high. Eager to return home, I recalled the concerns my friends and family
had about my safety traveling alone, busing across Mexico. But for thirty-eight days I'd
been welcomed countless times, treated cordially, often thoughtfully when seeking direc-
tions, asking about hotels or inquiring at tourist offices. I wasn't special and my well-being
never seemed to be in doubt.
As I reflected, I thought of adding some encouragement to the independent traveler who
might consider Mexico a destination, away from the beaches and resorts, to venture into a
mosaic of discovery, to take the opportunity to realize a cultural quest, to experience Mex-
ico's music, art, crafts, architecture, to learn another language, study a history apart from
our own and a pre-history unlike any other. I'd written articles on Mexico and recommended
books, which were meant to inform and educate. These I decided to add as a postscript. Here
follows a short Spanish lesson hoping to kick-start an adventure and a variety of comment-
aries meant to inform visitors and travelers with the hope that some might be inspired to take
the bus from Tijuana to Chetumal.
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