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The performance and my interpretation: Five dancers appeared and the dance was choreo-
graphed in five stages. In the twilight of light and shadow, the first scene opened with two
dancers, nude except for briefs. The male-and-female couple maintained a pose while a
piano played in the background. They appeared to be Adam and Eve, or perhaps Lucy and
Neanderthal, and as the danced progress I opted for the Darwinian interpretation.
The dance, like the music, began simply. One dance flowed into another and became more
intricate. In part two, three male comic dancers replaced Adam and Eve. They appeared to
be squirrels. The point seemed to be that dancers imitated the animal kingdom. The nudity
gave way to moderate dress.
In the next set, two females and three males discover each other. It appeared to be love, ro-
mance and boy meets girl. Both the dance and the music developed. The music and score
became more complex. As instruments were added, a full orchestra was heard.
The theme of birth and children appeared. In the climax, the dancers were clothed as if
costumed for a Mardi Gras. There was an illusion to Cats and most impressively, the dance
and music, fully developed, concluded with a stylized interpretation of the Mexican Hat
Dance .
Dance, music, clothes, romance evolved and the rhythm of the Mexican Hat Dance , with
its staccato footwork, brought us back to the origin of dance, the animal kingdom. Dance
had developed and progressed in a “social act.”
Expenses: Hotel $35, bus $7.50, meals $15, taxis $19, dance $5.50. Total: $82.
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