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if someone casual, a traveler, might be in the area December 15th and would like to pho-
tograph their nuptials.
I emailed Sabrina and Jaime, mentioning that I had experience taking wedding photos
since the '60s when outdoor hippy weddings were in vogue, at least among my friends. I
said, "I'm an amateur with experience, and my price is free." We exchanged emails. I told
them that Campeche was on my Bus Journey Across Mexico itinerary, and that I had a
special interest in restored haciendas. They accepted my offer, and I advanced my planned
trip from January to December.
I'd arrived in Campeche December 13, two days before the wedding. Sabrina and Jaime
were already in Campeche, staying at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. I'd tried to get a room
at Sir Francis, but they were booked for the weekend and I could only stay three nights. I
asked, "Could you suggest another hotel?"
The bellman immediately volunteered, "Hotel Lopez, one block." He pointed to the right.
"It's very good and economical," he said.
Hotel Lopez was a perfect recommendation. I saved 30%, and I was the first guest in a
completely remodeled room. The bath was newly retiled, and in Mexico that means floor,
walls and ceiling. The fixtures were new. The bedroom smelled lightly of fresh paint, and
the bedroom floor was also newly tiled. The room lacked pictures and wall decorations,
but I was thrilled when I climbed into bed that night between new sheets.
I contacted Sabrina and Jaime, and the next morning we met for breakfast. After the wed-
ding, they were moving to Italy. They explained that the wedding would be at 5 p.m. Jaime
had an unusual camera, a Lomo, which had a special lens. Colors would be saturated in
the center and the edges of the photos tended to fade to dark. Jaime said, "The Lomo prints
appear magical, like a dream."
I would be taking pictures without a flash, using a manual focus setting, click and wind
camera. I'm a point and shoot photographer, and I was concerned that I might spoil the
photos because of being inexperienced with the camera. I said, "I'll use two cameras." My
digital Fuji is low light with an auto focus.
We discussed the travails of getting married in Mexico. "A blood test is a must," said Sab-
rina. "And there always seems to be another piece of necessary paperwork." They also
hired a translator. I said, "The ceremony will be repeated." I felt good about that. I'd have
a chance to snap each picture twice.
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