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I looked at my map and chose the next nearest destination, Na-Bolom (House of the
Jaguar). Na-Bolom was the private home of Franz Blom, an archeologist, and was filled,
room-by-room, with his personal collection. It is now a study and cultural center.
There was a notice on a corkboard. The public was invited to dine in the original dining
room, but reservations were required. I walked back to the entrance and made a reserva-
tion. It was a fixed- price menu and dinner was at 7 p.m.
Dinner was the highlight of the day. I sat at a table for twenty-eight, and I dined alone!
When I returned at 7 p.m., two cooks and a waiter were ready for me. I was their only
customer. For effect, the waiter set the table for two, with blue and red place settings. I
sat at the head of the long empty table. I had a warm fire and a Mayan wall tapestry for
Fixed Menu: vegetable soup, tossed iceberg salad (large enough for a family) with a secret
sauce, two slices of crumbly bread, frozen butter, mashed potatoes without gravy and
sliced beef. I ordered one margarita and got two. There were two pastries for dessert. The
bill: $18.
Expenses: Van $4, meals $27, Hotel La Noria $30, Total: $61.
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