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DAY 24
Tuxtla Gutierrez, City Tour, Zoo, Sumidero Canyon
The next day, Hotel del Carmen was booked for a tour, and I had to move. Santa Maria
Hotel, in front of the park, was nearby. Its rate was 50 percent more than Hotel del Carmen
and 50 percent less attractive. But it was clean and convenient.
I was told, "You must visit Tuxtla Gutierrez." But my interest was not for the city, but for
the zoo and Sumidero Canyon. Both were a surprise to me.
I signed up for an all-day tour. In the morning I had a private guide, Roberto, for the zo-
ological garden. He was pleasant and seemed to assume that I would enjoy the zoo without
commentary. His lack of enthusiasm was in contrast with yesterday's Marimba Museum
guide. But if I asked, Roberto was helpful. He had a keen eye, spotted animals in the trees
and bush and pointed them out to me.
The Miguel Alvarado del Toro Zoo was large, designed to recreate an animal's habitat, and
displayed an incredible diversity. Roberto said, “It has the greatest number of species for
any zoo in North America.” Spiders and snakes were so well represented that I felt creepy
about walking in the jungle.
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