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In 1836, Texas became independent from Mexico, and the Zaragosa family was forced to
relocate to Matamoros and later to Monterrey, Mexico. So, although General Zaragosa was
born Mexican, his birthplace ended up on the U.S. side of the border. After his glorious
success over the French, he died of typhus in September 1862.
In 1867, Cinco de Mayo began in Texas as a source of cultural pride. On May 5, 1867,
in San Ignacio, Texas, they first celebrated General Ignacio Zaragosa's victory, and other
border towns picked up the tradition.
Corridos , Mexican ballads, which are the newspapers and editorials of events, carried the
story of the defeat of the French and sang the praises of the Hero of Puebla, the "uncon-
querable general of the border."
Music, migration and Texas-Mexican pride spread the tradition.
Expenses: Bus-Taxi: $6, Hotel City Express $60, meals $18. Total: $84.
I took a break to be with my family for Thanksgiving then returned in December for
the final leg of this adventure, which would take me from Puebla to Chetumal, then
up the coast to Tulum and a return flight home from CancĂșn.
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