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He told me, "Mexico adapts to people. Everywhere you have to adapt to the country. But
here, it's the other way around. And it's family. If your daughter marries and you need an-
other room, you build it, you add on, no permit. If you lose your job, you open a business,
put a stand in front of your house. No one complains. The pace is slower." He mentioned
that new products traveled slower. "In Montreal, a new gadget comes out, next day, it's
cheaper in Vancouver. Here, you can buy leather goods in Leon, truck them to Veracruz
and make a profit." Maher hadn't lost his business interest.
"What don't you like?"
"Appointments. I can't tell you how many appointments I've had, and the people don't
show up. And loans. If you lend money, people think you've got a lot and they feel as if
you don't need to get it back."
A Personal Quest
Years ago I purchased a “painting” made of broom straw in Guanajuato. I call it a painting
because that's what it looks like, but up close you see that it's really a mosaic of colored,
dyed straw. The artist said, “I'm from Puebla. It's a family tradition and we're about the
only artists to use dyed broom straw.”
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