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In the valleys, along the road, woodworkers displayed their merchandise: chairs, rocking
horses, tables, bureaus, dining room sets, coffee tables, all sparkling, polished and var-
nished to a high luster.
By early evening, I reached the roadside bus stop at Zacualtipan. I took a taxi to town, a
large commercial and textile town. I checked into the Palacios Hotel and ate a light supper
in their restaurant. There was a party in the hotel. The guest of honor was celebrating his
75th birthday with friends, family and three mariachi bands. As soon as one band left, an-
other arrived. I listened for a while then took a walk to the main square. It was traditional
and attractive, but mainly a commercial center.
The next morning I would visit mining towns. There was no need for an alarm clock. The
rooster next to my hotel room was the Glen Miller King of Kikirikis (cock-a-doodle-doos).
I think the rooster had perfect pitch; his cry was a delight.
Expenses: Buses: $12, taxi: $4, meals: $21, Hotel Palacios $24, Total: $61.
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