HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
In this chapter, I showed you how to adapt to Metro snapped and filled layouts and how to use
tiles to provide your users with enticements to run your app or the data they require to avoid
doing so. These features are essential in delivering an app that is integrated into the broader
Metro experience.
You may feel that the amount of space available in a snapped layout is too limited to offer
any serious functionality, but with some careful consideration, it is possible to focus on the
essence of the service that you offer and omit everything else. If all else fails, you can present an
information-only summary of your app and rely on JavaScript to break out of the layout.
Careful consideration is also required to get the most from tiles and badges. Well-thought-
out badges can significantly improve the attractiveness or utility of your app, but ill-considered
tiles are annoying or just plain useless.
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