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Metro apps are an important addition to Microsoft Windows 8, providing the cornerstone for
a single, consistent programming and interaction model across desktops, tablets, and smart-
phones. The Metro app user experience is very different from previous generations of Windows
applications: Metro apps are full-screen and favor a usability style that is simple, direct, and free
from distractions.
Metro apps represent a complete departure from previous versions of Windows. There are
entirely new APIs, new interaction controls, and a very different approach to managing the life
cycle of applications.
Metro apps can be developed using a range of languages, including C#, Visual Basic, C++,
and, the topic of this topic, JavaScript. Windows 8 is the rst version of Windows that embraces
the skills and knowledge of web application developers and makes JavaScript and HTML first-
class citizens in application development.
In this topic, I show you how you can build on your knowledge of web app development to
create Metro apps using HTML and JavaScript. The result is apps that look and feel like an inte-
gral part of the Windows experience and that take advantage of core platform facilities.
his topic gives you an essential jump start into the world of Metro; by the end, you will
understand how to use the controls and features that define the core Metro experience.
About This Topic
his topic is for experienced HTML and JavaScript developers who want to get a head start cre-
ating Metro applications for Windows 8 using the Consumer Preview test release. I explain the
concepts and techniques you need to get up to speed quickly and to boost your Metro develop-
ment techniques and knowledge before the final version of Windows 8 is released.
What Do You Need to Know Before You Read his topic?
You need to have a good understanding of HTML and JavaScript, ideally from creating rich web
apps. You need to understand the DOM API, know how events work, and have a solid grasp of
the HTML elements and their DOM object counterparts.
Do You Need to Know About HTML5?
No. You can use some of the HTML5 JavaScript APIs when developing Metro apps, but that is
not the focus of this topic. A good basic knowledge of HTML4 or HTML5 will be enough, com-
bined with solid JavaScript experience.
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